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weimar berlin

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Weimar inspired music video [15 Jul 2009|12:17am]

I just released a music video called "Girl with Half Moon Eyes" . It features women, a bordello, gryphon's, opium smoking, pianos and more :)

It's set in the 1920's and in one shot (I'll let you find it) I made a very obvious homage to Manray and to German Expressionism.

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Dances of Vice "Visions of Weimar" - January 10, 2009 [12 Jan 2009|07:04am]

The Royal Baritarians' grotesque expressionist performance (above) was truly brilliant....

I thought I'd share some pictures from the most recent installment of Dances of Vice (introduced in the previous entry)...


Dances of Vice: Visions of Weimar, Foto by Don SpiroCollapse )
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Dances of Vice "Visions of Weimar" at The Montauk Club, NYC [22 Dec 2008|03:50pm]


Hello dear members, I thought this event might be of some interest to the community:

In a tribute to Dances of Vice patron saint Anita Berber, the infamous German expressionist nude dancer also known as Weimar's "Priestess of Depravity", cabaret sensation and Foreign Affairs producer ISENGART joins again with Dances of Vice resident band GRANDPA MUSSELMAN & His Syncopators to take you to the nightclubs of Weimar Berlin with the most compelling and risque German cabaret songs of the period at The Montauk Club in Brooklyn on January 10th, 2009 from 8-midnight.

This event also stars cabaret-noir chanteuse NICKI JAINE on the musical saw, accompanied by BRIAN VIGILONE (Dresden Dolls, World/Inferno) and BEN ICKIES - The tap-dancing MINSKY SISTERS - and burlesque stars AMBER RAY and THE FLYING FOX, from San Francisco.

Dances of Vice events are very costume/vintage oriented (visit the website gallery), and the event dress code is 1920-30s vintage, dandy, Victorian, femme fatale, or formal evening attire.

Details here: http://www.dancesofvice.com

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Schall und Rauch ~ Music of the Berlin Cabaret Era [13 Mar 2008|05:31am]


Schall und Rauch

Greetings to all,


The producer of this exquisite collection has informed me that the recording is no longer in print but copies are still available for purchase through Provocateur Media.  Sound and Smoke was the most significant music played at our wedding reception and I can say that everyone onboard The Lexington was dancing with excitement.  Additional information is available in the “Media Room” section of the website.  It would be a shame not to have this in your collection if you are a devotee of German Cabaret.


Alles Gute! Herzlichen Glückwunsch!




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Eclectic vintage costume/art event! [03 Feb 2008|08:21pm]


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Attn NYC: Roaring Twenties Dances of Vice Blue Moon Masquerade, October 20th! [10 Oct 2007|10:24pm]


October 20th: Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra in
in advance

The exclusive DANCES OF VICE Blue Moon Masquerade Ball will take place in less than 10 days, on October 20th! Prepare for scandal as you don your masks and join us in dancing to hot 1920-30s jazz performed by Michael Arenella and His Dreamland Orchestra starting at 11pm. Live DJs (His Masters Voice; Matthew) will follow with the best early jazz, blues, swing, big band, cabaret, and tango music of the 1920-30s for your dancing pleasure.

Just added to the Blue Moon Masquerade program is the enchanting Autumn Ward, who will be plucking the moon from the night sky in a dreamy and theatrical dance performance.

To celebrate the release of Issue 3 of Steampunk Magazine, a variety of gifts from Steampunk Magazine will be offered as prizes and giveaways throughout the evening, with an additional assortment of trinkets offered for the best masquerade costumes!

An elaborate vintage paper moon photo booth will also be featured at the event, so "get out and get under the moon" with your special sweetheart on October 20th! Your photo will be taken by distinguished burlesque and fine art photographers Don Spiro and Jen Zakrzewzski using vintage polaroid cameras for an authentic vintage look.

As always, requested attire for Dances of Vice events remains: 1920-30s Vintage, Victorian, Edwardian, Avant Garde, Decadent- or formal evening attire. Extravagance is surely encouraged for our exclusive masquerade ball, so plan on wearing something special! Finally, don't forget to bring a mask! It has been firmly established that unmasked attendees will be fair game for a good spanking.

Tickets for the Blue Moon Masquerade are $20 in advance, $25 at the door. This event is expected to sell out, and space is limited, so reserve your tickets now! Visit http://www.dancesofvice.com for ticketing information.

List of Costume Prizes & GiveawaysCollapse )

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Dances of Vice: Villains and Visionaries 9/15: JILL TRACY, Tempest, Don Spiro [07 Sep 2007|07:49pm]


The official Dances of Vice website is now online! Dances of Vice is a newmonthly 1920s/30s dance/cabaret night held in the spirit of the early 20th century days of forgotten elegance, decadence, creativity, and vice. Please visit http://www.dancesofvice.com for information regarding future Dances of Vice events, pictures and playlists from previous events, artist biographies, and more.

Our next evening affair falls on September 15th, and we will be featuring sensational pianist/chanteuse Jill Tracy on stage, who promises to enchant audiences with her signature concoction of dark parlour & classical piano, haunting lyrics and seductive style. Nouveau Noir Dancer Tempest will also weave her magic on stage with her unique belly dance performance influenced by early 20th century aestheticism & such artists as Theda Bara & Ruth St. Denis. In addition, distinguished photographer Don Spiro will be showcasing his work as part of our “Villains and Visionaries” theme, with a series of Weimarian images depicting the destructive passions of lusty vamps devoted to the intricate drug culture of a lost world.


Flyer back w/ detailsCollapse )
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Dances of Vice next Saturday in New York City 8/18 [10 Aug 2007|08:27pm]



The opening night of Dances of Vice, a new monthly 1920s/30s themed dance/cabaret event in New York City, is taking place next Saturday at the Pussycat Lounge. As the hostess of the evening, I would like to invite you to flaunt your most desirable fashions and admire those designed by Vecona (http://www.vecona.de), which will be showcased in a theatrical period fashion show (covering Baroque, Victorian, steampunk, 1940s inspired fashions and more) as the main attraction of the evening. Other attractions include live musical performances by Lucas Lanthier (http://www.myspace.com/lucaslanthier) and Oryx Incruentus (http://www.oryx-music.com), who will be performing selected songs from Hell Is Repetition, accompanied by scenes from the 1911 silent film L'Inferno. I hope to have the pleasure of entertaining you at our opening night on August 18th!


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Stills from Anders als die Andern (1919), starring Conrad Veidt [09 Jul 2007|07:26pm]

Korner recalls how out of place he felt when his fellow university students forced him to go along to a bordello

"Korner recalls how out of place he felt when his fellow university students forced him to go along to a bordello."

Here are some stills from one of the most groundbreaking films of early German cinema, Different From the Others. Conrad Veidt plays Korner, a homosexual man who is blackmailed for his sexual orientation and is pressured to commit suicide. Weimar Berlin's "Priestess of Depravity" Anita Berber even plays a small role as Korner's sister.

More screenshotsCollapse )
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Tänze des Lasters, early century cabaret/dance night in NYC [15 Jun 2007|05:45pm]


Tänze des Lasters (Dances of Vice) is a new monthly dance/cabaret night held in the spirit of the early century days of forgotten elegance, decadence, vice and creativity. Named after the expressionist Rosa von Praunheim film "Anita: Tänze des Lasters" about Anita Berber, the legendary nude dancer of Weimar Berlin, Dances of Vice carries the theme of rebellion, creative expression, and the triumph of madness and pleasure over societal restraints. There is certainly a darker, macabre element associated with the figure and period, which can be expected of the evening. Although the evening will have a more 1920s and 30s flair, I also hope to attract enthusiasts of the darker side of the Victorian era to the event.

Dances of Vice invites all modern day flappers, dandies, neo-Victorians, crazies, crooks andne'er-do-wells to join us in dancing to the hottest tunes of the Roaring Twenties, Dirty Thirties and Flying Forties from 10pm to 4am every third Saturday of the month at the Pussycat Lounge in New York City! The debut night is taking place on Saturday, AUGUST 18th at the Pussycat Lounge. There will be special performances planned for each evening, which will commence at 11:00pm. Dances of Vice not only aims to promote appreciation for the music and culture of the past, but will also feature (both live and DJ'ed) music from contemporary musicians either influenced by music of the early century, or in the avant garde spirit of the period in general.

Requested Attire: 1920-40s style, Avant Garde, Victorian, Steampunk, Gothic, Glamourous, Decadent etc- an additional entry fee will be charged for attendees in casual attire. Extravagance is surely encouraged- it is impossible to overdress for Tänze des Lasters.

For details, please visit: http://www.myspace.com/dancesofvice

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Friedrichstraße [14 Jun 2007|03:32pm]

I don't think I ever posted the finished product, just the half-done version. Anyway, here's my tattoo based on E.L. Kirchner's Friedrichstraße.

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ETA: Thanks to everyone for the lovely compliments.
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180 degrees [23 Mar 2007|12:00am]

so apparently in this Schad's painting the lady in pink is a transvestite; taking into account her see-through dress, what do you think would happen had (s)he turned around?

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[07 Feb 2007|10:14pm]

an interesting show I had a chance to see at the Syracuse Univeristy art gallery today - the TIME covers by Boris Artzybasheff from the WWII era. It is crucial that you view these works after seeing the Met's Glitter and Doom. For it is essential to understand Otto Dix's influence on the Artzybasheff oeuvre. All the Nazi leaders' portraits are there - I never knew they made it to the TIME cover back in the 40's; the Japanese militarists are on view too.

check this out and keep Dix's portraiture in mind:

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weimar [18 Jan 2007|12:22am]

a great guide to the Weimar period and the Met's Glitter and Doom show is Peter Gay's "Weimar Culture: an Outsider as Insider". I read it and I loved it. It is not easy to swallow and you have to be acquainted with some German history and word stock, but it's definitely worth the try.

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[10 Jan 2007|12:15am]
A very good book I ordered online and received today.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
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[07 Jan 2007|03:40pm]

does anyone know where i can find cds or mp3s of weintraub's syncopators?
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" lit darly or lit brightly ?" [29 Dec 2006|04:02pm]

Anita Berber...

Berlin in the 20's really swung hard. The mark was worthless and you could buy ANY sexual depravity for 10 dollars US .

Anita Berber was the original "burns the candle at both ends" entertainer. Read "The Seven Addictions and five professions od Anita Berber" to find out more. ( if you've ever been to the Kitkat club ..you know what I mean)

Here is a sample that shows what a flat boring culture we really live in now days...

P.S. has anyone here read "A dance between the flames" ?????
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[10 Dec 2006|11:24am]


Emil Nolde Painting Found After 25 Years

BERLIN (Dec. 8) -- A portrait by German expressionist Emil Nolde worth about $660,000 has been discovered more than 25 years after it went missing, a spokesman for Baden-Wuerttemberg state police said Friday.

The oil painting "Nadja" was discovered by an art historian who said he stumbled across it when cleaning out his attic and realized the work did not belong to him. The man, whose name was not released, handed it over to state police, said Ulrich Heffner, a spokesman for Baden-Wuerttemberg authorities.

Painted in 1919, the portrait originally belonged to Walther Rathenau, the foreign minister of Germany's Weimar Republic who was murdered in 1922. Rathenau's brother then inherited the picture, which went missing while in the hands of a transport company in the late 1970s.

The Emil Nolde Foundation in the German town of Seebuell confirmed the painting was original and estimated its value.

Police are now trying to determine who is the rightful owner of the painting.

Nolde was a member of the German group the Bridge — Bruecke in German — set up in Dresden in 1905. His works are distinguished by simplified, sometimes deliberately crude forms, and intense color.

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Man Ray [09 Nov 2006|05:04am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Hi there, this is one of Man Ray's works I love most.

Noire et Blanche, 1926
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The Bohemianauts [06 Nov 2006|08:09pm]

The Bohemianauts - Songs of Unrequited Dread

8th November 7.30-10PM

Kinky Mambo
144-145 Upper St, Islington, London 

This unconventional duo features singer/accordionista from
Tom Baker, and saxophonist and leader of the Big Buzzard Boogie Band,
Williamson. Their repertoire of Chansons Franglais, Cabaret Noir and
Lounge Trash sits somewhere between Gogol Bordello, The Tiger Lillies,
Tom Waits, and yet is something altogether different.
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